What is Tec2Med Summit

We are the biggest international academic congress for Technology and Innovation in Integrative Healthcare in Portugal. Tec2Med was designed to connect people and ideas from many different areas, both in life sciences and in technological/engineering fields, always focusing on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Designed both for students – the future generations of professionals – researchers and clinicians – the ones pushing boundaries and fighting in the front line – Tec2Med Summit aims to build and inspire the future of healthcare.

Multidisciplinarity, creativity and empathy are very strong values for us, which we believe are fundamental to the creation of new partnerships and solutions which are aimed to improve and save more lives worldwide.

What should you expect in 2023?


Networking Guests






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Discover our:


Explore the inspiring line-up of  internationally renowned speakers we have prepared for you


Invest in your pratical skills, through a diverse set of workshops designed to challenge you


Put your skills and ideas to the test in our competitions, and win amazing awards

Share Research

We strongly value the work and personal ideas of our public, therefore we prepared several opportunities for them to share their scientific endeavours

Social Program

Connecting people and ideas is also a synonym of sharing more relaxed moments and experiences

Partners in Tec2Med Expo

The people who inspire the future of Healthcare with us

Visit Almada and Lisbon

Almada and Lisbon are sisters united by the same river. The city of Almada is located in the south margin of the Tagus river, the largest river in Iberian Peninsula. Famous for its sea dishes, Almada is also the home of NOVA School of Science and Technology, the faculty which will welcome for the 3rd time most of the scientific activities of Tec2Med Summit.

The historical city of Lisbon is located on north margin of the river. Home of legends and myths and where some of the most decisive moments took place for our modern civilization, Portugal’s capital will be the stage for some of our scientific and social moments.

Tec2Med Summit's Speakers Experiences

“It was great to get to talk to medical, biology and engineering students on my vision for 2030 in healthcare. I was really impressed by the quality of the organization and how you managed to create this fantastic event.”

Dr. Miguel Stanley | Founder & CEO White Clinic – Top 32 most influencial people in dentistry worldwide

Masterclass Speaker Tec2Med Summit 2022

“The event was great, you were able to bring people from many different areas and inspire many of your colleagues. Thank you for the warm welcome you and your professors gave to me and my wife. Keep sharing the adventure!”

Dr. George Pantalos | Physician with more than 45 research missions with NASA

Masterclass Speaker Tec2Med Summit 2022

Honestly, all the organization was perfect. Sometimes, I felt it was even better than with some big corporations in France. I was very glad to see all of this.

Sidney Rostan | Founder & CEO of Bioxegy an european leading company in biomimicry

Keynote Speaker Tec2Med Summit 2022