Space exploration actually saves lives here on earth.
Our Masterclass speaker comes from Houston, Texas to explain you how Dr. Jonathan Clark is a neurologist and former NASA Space Shuttle Crew Surgeon. He served for 26 years on active duty with US Navy, and qualified as a naval flight officer, naval flight surgeon, US Navy diver, US Army parachutist, and special forces military freefall parachutist. From 1997 to 2005 he participated in 6 NASA shuttle missions and in 2012 he was the medical director of the highest stratospheric freefall parachute jump in history, made under the Red Bull Stratos project.
Currently he is space medicine consultant for Virgin Galactic and Space X. Jonathan’s career will certainly blow your mind and inspire you to rethink the importance you give to space exploration regarding healthcare.

I’ll be chatting with you all on some of the aspects of human spaceflight and its advanced technologies that apply to terristrial medicine. I will show you how space medicine innovation saves lives here on earth.